Explorations 2022 - The Official Photo Album


Explorations 2022 - The Official Photo Album

It's been a month since we returned home from the beautiful beaches of Dhërmi, but we still can't stop thinking about the wonderful time we had at Explorations with so many of our artists, and you, the Anjunafamily.

We, and by we, we mean our brilliant photographers, captured so many photos of the festival antics, that we couldn't possibly share them all on social media... 

So... we proudly present our official Anjunadeep pres. Explorations 2022 - Photo Album 📸
Click the image below to check out all 1093(!) images on Flickr. And, if you're planning to share any of these photos, please remember to tag our photographers. Open the album, and as you click through, you'll see that their credits are under each photo. 

Anjunadeep pres. Explorations 2022

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Written by Claire Murgatroyd