you need to be there for them

you need to be there for them

By Leaving Laurel

  |  ANJDEE764D

‘you need to be there for them’ is the second single from Leaving Laurel’s recently announced sophomore album ‘when the quiet comes’, out May 19 on Anjunadeep. The album announcement follows the release of the band’s recent EP ‘fireflies (for as far as we could see)’; the first original music released from the Leaving Laurel project since their acclaimed self-titled 2020 debut album. The EP has received an overwhelmingly warm reception by fans and tastemakers alike, including David Home, Gabriel & Dresden, Sultan + Shepard, Black Coffee and more, as well as early radio support from from BBC Radio 1 and SiriusXM.

This latest single is as rich in emotion as it is in texture; combining affecting melody and intricate sound design, the track’s energy surges and ebbs dramatically. The resulting experience is a indicative of the unique songwriting process of ‘when the quiet comes’, an introspective album made of recordings laid down by band members Gordon Huntley and the late Pierce Fulton, which after re-discovering years later, Gordon was compelled to finish:

"As soon as I heard what the recordings could become, it gave me that indescribable feeling of magic that came the first time we worked on music together. There’s a sense now that it’s as if I’m a part of something that will continue to grow and blossom beyond my control."

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