better days will come

better days will come

By Leaving Laurel

  |  ANJDEE769D

‘better days will come’ is the third single taken from Leaving Laurel’s upcoming sophomore album ‘when the quiet comes’, out May 19 via Anjunadeep.

The single marries soft piano melodies with expansive pads and a driving beat, and is aptly titled; perfectly capturing the poignant sentiment at the heart of the upcoming record, which follows the loss of esteemed producer Pierce Fulton and marks a new chapter for band members, his brother Griff Fulton, and friend, Gordon Huntley. In discovering recordings made by Pierce years prior, Huntley has set out to finish what they started together and given life to forgotten ideas, impressing an affecting sense of hope upon the listener, and providing a cathartic sense of closure for himself;

"Making this record was my search to find purpose after Pierce passed. It was a light to show me a a way forward. A way for me to grieve, a way for me to hold onto the memories. A eulogy to my friend.”

A tale of two old friends, Gordon and Pierce, Leaving Laurel connected the duo musically for the first time after being close friends for almost a decade. Since their debut release in 2020, the duo have garnered a fervent fanbase and widespread support. Previous singles and Leaving Laurel’s preceding EP ‘fireflies (for as far as we could see)’ have received an overwhelmingly warm reception from fans and tastemakers alike, including Black Coffee, Joris Voorn, Sultan + Shepard and David Hohme, as well as further radio support from BBC Radio 1 and SiriusXM, where ‘fireflies (for as far as we could see)’ EP has clocked over 175 spins to date.

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