fireflies (for as far as we could see)

fireflies (for as far as we could see)

By Leaving Laurel

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This January saw the release of ‘the family we find’, Leaving Laurel’s first original track since their 2021 self-titled debut LP and the tragic loss of friend and band member Pierce Fulton. Now Leaving Laurel release ‘fireflies (for as far as we can see)’, a poignant collection of tracks characterised by warm piano and inviting textural percussion.

Originating from old projects that Gordon and Pierce had recorded years ago, ‘fireflies (for as far as we can see)’ is a fitting reminder of the duo’s unmistakable coalescence:

“As soon as I heard what it could become, it gave me that indescribable feeling of magic that came the first time we worked on music together. And that became ‘the family we find’. The title ‘the family we find’ comes from a translation of a line from the movie ‘Tokyo Godfathers’. A movie about togetherness, following three homeless people that have found their own family together…. In a lot of ways, it reminds me of my connection to the rest of the Fulton family, since Pierce and I started Leaving Laurel.

A tale of two old friends, Gordon & Pierce, Leaving Laurel connected the duo musically for the first time after being close friends for almost a decade. Since their debut release in 2020, the duo have garnered a fervent fanbase and gained support from the likes of Sian Eleri, Lane 8 and Cassian, to name a few, as well as support on BBC Radio 1, SiriusXM Chill and KCRW.


1fireflies (for as far as we could see) (edit) - Leaving Laurel04:00
2the family we find - Leaving Laurel04:57
3this time last year - Leaving Laurel05:19
4fireflies (for as far as we could see) (extended mix) - Leaving Laurel08:50

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