Anjunadeep 12
Anjunadeep 12
Anjunadeep 12
Anjunadeep 12
Anjunadeep 12

Anjunadeep 12

By James Grant & Jody Wisternoff

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Anjunadeep, the renowned UK label responsible for breaking acts like Lane 8, Dusky, Yotto, Cubicolor, Ben Böhmer and Eli & Fur, will release the twelfth instalment of their annual chart-topping compilation series next February 5th.

Showcasing the future sound of Anjunadeep, prolific label co-founder and A&R James Grant and Bristolian DJ Jody Wisternoff share their eighth mixed compilation together, and their most expansive yet, with 3 discs of new music - 'Anjunadeep 12 Mixed by James Grant & Jody Wisternoff'.

Since the inaugural 'Anjunadeep 01' over 10 years ago, the compilation series has proven a hotbed for new talent joining the imprint and has helped break some of the most iconic tracks in the label's back catalogue.

Marking a new chapter for Anjunadeep, the compilation sets the tone for what's to come from the label in 2021. Including some of the best tracks of 2020, 'Anjunadeep 12' also showcases 50 new and exclusive tracks across three meticulously crafted mixes; featuring a host of electronic original cuts, remixes and edits from label stars like Lane 8, Yotto, Ben Böhmer and Tinlicker, as well as new stunning tracks from Just Her, Joseph Ray & Lakou Mizik, Leaving Laurel, and Durante & HANA. As always James and Jody take the opportunity to introduce some new faces, as they welcome Promnite, Franky Wah, Richie Blacker, Duke Boara and more to the family.

Praising the resolve of the compilations' artists and support of its fans, James Grant reflects on the release and year that's been:

"This past year has presented many new challenges for our artists, whether coping without gigs, trying to stay inspired musically, or just keeping safe. It would be understandable if 2020 wasn't a very productive year, but I'm pleased to say that the opposite is true, Anjunadeep 12 is our most expansive compilation to date - spanning three mixes for the very first time. It's testament to our remarkable roster of artists that they've navigated a difficult year with such resolve and creativity, and also to our wonderful community of fans - you have continued to support one another through a shared passion for music. We hope Deep 12 can offer you a little escape, and can't wait to enjoy some of this music together in person with you in the not too distant future."

James and Jody also present a slew of their own remixes in the compilation, including a remix of A Silver Mt. Zion's '13 Angels Standing Guard 'Round The Side Of Your Bed' - a track heard in the final of TV phenomenon 'Top Boy', and a remix of The Sei's 'Metroma', heard on the BBC smash series 'Normal People'.

Established in 2005 by British trio Above & Beyond and James Grant, Anjunadeep has evolved into one of electronic music's leading independent labels, with over 500 releases under its belt, an international community of fans, and a reputation for unmissable parties around the world.

CD1 & CD2 are available to stream and pre-order now, with the third and final CD dropping one week later on Friday February 5th.

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1Froozen (Mixed) - Hosini05:21
2Niebla (Mixed) - PBSR03:39
3Ogou (Pran Ka Mwen) (Mixed)06:02
4Yume (Mixed) - Lycoriscoris03:07
5From Me (Mixed) - CRi featuring Bernache03:16
6Can't Believe (Mixed) - Promnite03:19
7From Afar (Makebo Remix (Mixed)) - Tom Day and Monsoonsiren05:49
8Balloons (Mixed) - Hosini03:23
913 Angels Standing Guard 'Round The Side Of Your Bed' (Jody Wisternoff & James Grant Remix (Mixed)) - A Silver Mt. Zion05:21
10Go Back Now (Mixed) - Jerro featuring Beacon04:32
11Sanctuary (Jody Wisternoff & James Grant Remix (Mixed)) - boerd05:17
12Letter To Lillehammer (Mixed) - Nordfold02:22
13Gray Cloud (Mixed) - Nõpi04:21
14Orchidea (Mixed) - M.O.S.05:19
15Welcome Home (Mixed) - Fluida05:01
16Winter In The Woods (Mixed) - Leaving Laurel04:47
17Kilkee (Jody Wisternoff & James Grant Remix (Mixed)) - Solomon Grey03:56
18Magma (Mixed) - Dosem04:24
19Arrival (Intro Edit (Mixed)) - Hiatus02:30
20Metroma (Jody Wisternoff & James Grant Remix (Mixed)) - The Sei03:27
21Wasn't Enough (Mixed) - Marsh06:15
22Say Hello (Mixed) - Enamour featuring Meliha03:26
23Technobloom (Mixed) - Nox Vahn05:19
24Wege Zur Unmöglichkeit (Interlude Edit (Mixed)) - Powel01:19
25Indigo (Mixed) - Braxton05:09
26Away Home (Mixed) - Durante and HANA03:52
27Solar (Mixed) - Ezequiel Arias05:10
28SFB (Mixed) - Cristoph05:30
29Rain (Anjunadeep 12 Edit (Mixed)) - Duke Boara04:27
30Boundaries (Mixed) - Franky Wah05:02
31Lager Beers (Mixed) - My Friend04:48
32Light Beam (Mixed) - Tinlicker04:54
33Voodoo (Mixed) - Tinlicker and Ben Böhmer05:09
34Selene (Mixed) - Karmarin05:07
35Sun Kissed (Mixed) - Boxer, Jody Wisternoff and James Grant05:09
36Is This Our Earth? (Mixed) - Lane 805:06
37Indigo (Mixed) - Oliver Wickham05:13
38Gravity (Monkey Safari's At Work Mix (Mixed)) - Monkey Safari03:04
39Flower (Mixed) - boerd03:06
40The Summit (Anjunadeep Edit (Mixed)) - Alex Albrecht pres. Melquíades03:29
41Utsurou (Mixed) - Lycoriscoris03:15
42Surga (Mixed) - Budakid featuring Esther Veen04:20
43Extrapolate (Mixed) - Tagavaka04:20
44Partitioning II (Mixed) - Luigi Sambuy and Arswain03:30
45Aqiral (Mixed) - Nõpi05:52
46One Good Reason (Mixed) - Rezident and Biishop04:58
47State Lines (Mixed) - Tagavaka03:52
48Oracle (Mixed) - Hessian04:01
49Beautiful Nothing (Mixed) - Just Her04:17
502 Late 4 Love (Mixed) - Richie Blacker04:40
51Snoop Dawk (Mixed) - Luttrell05:16
52She Was (Mixed) - Yotto04:55
53Belikewater (Mixed) - Simon Doty04:54
54Steady (Mixed) - Xinobi featuring Vaarwell03:54
55Sinuous (Mixed) - Warung05:12
56The Dream (Instrumental (Mixed)) - Jon Gurd05:32

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