Sometime Not Now (Remixed)

Sometime Not Now (Remixed)

By Cubicolor

  |  ANJCD121RD
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Cubicolor’s third album ‘Sometime Not Now’ gets his final reworks from 16BL, Colyn and Mita Gami.

The UK/Dutch trio, Cubicolor, has firmly established itself as one of the most recognised acts in the electronic music scene. Their third album, ‘Sometime Not Now’ released October last year has garnered praise not only from their fellow artists and producers but also received a notable review in Clash Magazine.

The album now gets three more exciting reworks, courtesy of 16BL, Colyn, and Mita Gami, which complement the previously released remixes by Trikk and Collé.

These final reworks of ‘Sometime Not Now’ take the album to the dancefloor, with Colyn’s remix of ‘Outsider’ placing a heavier emphasis on the percussion and bass, Mita Gami’s ‘As You Fly’ bringing in a thumping kick, and 16BL’s rework of ‘Cowboy’ playing with syncopated synth lines and heavily processed vocals.

Colyn, a Dutch DJ and producer, has previously worked his magic on tracks by artists like RUFUS DU SOL and fellow Dutch electronic progressive producer Joris Voorn.

Mita Gami, is a notable figure in the Israeli electronic and dance scene. Beyond his musical contributions, he runs his own label and is actively involved in local festivals. His previous releases on Solomun's label Dynamic and Damien Lazarus's label Rebellion attest to his influence in the industry.

Additionally, the project known as 16BL, driven by Ariaan and Peter from Cubicolor, is a staple act in the Anjunadeep realm and is poised for an exciting 2024 with new music on the horizon. So, it's definitely worth keeping an eye on what they have in store.

You can catch Cubicolor touring in San Francisco, Seattle, Phoenix and Denver, in the coming weeks.

‘Sometime Not Now’ (Remixed) is out December 8th via Anjunadeep.


Disc 1
1The Outsider (Colyn Palapas Remix) - Cubicolor04:26
2As You Fly (16BL Remix) - Cubicolor04:05
3Summer & Smoke (Trikk Selva Furia Remix) - Cubicolor03:44
4Cowboy (16BL Remix) - Cubicolor03:54
5As You Fly (Mita Gami Remix) - Cubicolor03:56
6Summer & Smoke (Collé Remix) - Cubicolor03:55
Disc 2
1The Outsider (Colyn Palapas Extended Mix) - Cubicolor06:39
2As You Fly (16BL Extended Mix) - Cubicolor05:42
3Summer & Smoke (Trikk Selva Furia Extended Mix) - Cubicolor07:08
4Cowboy (16BL Extended Mix) - Cubicolor07:31
5As You Fly (Mita Gami Extended Mix) - Cubicolor06:14
6Summer & Smoke (Collé Extended Mix) - Cubicolor05:44

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