Anjunadeep The Yearbook 2022

Anjunadeep The Yearbook 2022

By Various Artists

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As 2022 comes to a close, Anjunadeep presents the next summary compilation in ‘Anjunadeep The Yearbook 2022’. This years edition boasts a strong and diverse selection of some of the year’s biggest tracks from acts including Tinlicker, Eli & Fur, Marsh, and Moon Boots.

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Disc 1
1Phoenix (Mixed) - Fluida06:23
2Temptation (Mixed) - Eli & Fur03:47
3Let Me Go (Mixed) - Nils Hoffmann feat. TENDER04:15
4Changing Lanes (Mixed) - Joseph Ray06:15
5Came Here For Love (Mixed) - My Friend04:34
6Touch The Sky (Mixed) - Simon Doty & Marsh04:38
7SpaceTime (Mixed) - Braxton, Jody Wisternoff & James Grant03:06
8Blue (Mixed) - Marsh feat. Leo Wood04:21
9Promise To Keep (Mixed) - OLAN04:50
10Emergence (Mixed) - Jon Gurd05:15
11Us (Mixed) - Juno Mamba03:47
12No Fun (Mixed) - Lane 8 feat. Rae Morris05:30
13Fading (Mixed) - Nicky Elisabeth03:51
Disc 2
1Lullaby (Mixed) - Nox Vahn04:24
2Be Here and Now (Mixed) - Tinlicker feat. Nathan Nicholson04:43
3Back To The Roots (Mixed) - Makebo & Amonita07:52
4On Fire (Mixed) - Rezident04:40
5Before You Go (Mixed) - Romain Garcia05:46
6Easy Mark (Mixed) - Cubicolor04:28
7Just To Hear You Say (Mixed) - Tinlicker05:46
8Come Back Around (Mixed) - Moon Boots feat. Cherry Glazerr04:43
9Around You (Mixed) - Luttrell feat. Sara James04:23
10Hymn (Mixed) - MOLØ07:17
11Healer (Mixed) - Enamour feat. shobi04:48
12Something About (Mixed) - CRi04:55
13Like I Used to (Mixed) - Steven Weston feat. Låpsley04:40

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