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Eli & Fur delve profoundly into their songwriting roots with ‘Carbon’ - the latest single derived from their dual-part conceptual album ‘Found In The Wild’. Split down the middle into two distinct halves – ‘Found’ and ‘In The Wild’ – the album shows both sides of them as artists and songwriters which are contrasting yet complementary, grounded in their pop production background but with a dark electronic bite.

Taken from the preliminary half of the project which is aptly titled ‘Found’, ‘Carbon’ is an enchanting rediscovery of the duo’s lyrical intricacy. Delicately automated arpeggiators ladder gently through the composition with rising fervency as the shimmer of synth pads cut through the high-end with undeniable elegance.

The girls’ trademark electronic textures interweave sophisticatedly with their songwriting prowess, a skill which began at just 18 years old when the duo met at pop production factory Xenomania, a UK powerhouse renowned for producing hit after hit. Eli & Fur spent their days writing songs for Girls Aloud, Katy Perry and Pet Shop Boys, and producing their own more ethereal, emotive material at night. ‘Carbon’ explores Eli & Fur’s many talents and their deft skills as songwriters, vocalists and producers is on display in abundance.


1Carbon - Eli & Fur04:30
2Come Back Around - Eli & Fur03:51
3Wild Skies - Eli & Fur03:24
4Carbon (Extended Mix) - Eli & Fur05:09

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