Lycoriscoris Joins Reflections


Lycoriscoris Joins Reflections

Japanese producer Lycoriscoris joins the Reflections family with his remix of Mark Barrott’s ‘Kyoto (京都)' 🎌


About Lycoriscoris

Lycoriscoris, aka Yunosuke Senoo, has developed a reputation as one of Japan’s most exciting young producers, releasing two albums on local indie label Moph Records and performing live alongside acts like The Field and Mortiz Von Oswald at Tokyo’s legendary Dommune. His influences range from the dreamy soundscapes of Boards Of Canada, to the jazzy glitch of Shigeto, Senoo's subtle fusion of organic melodies and futuristic electronic production has won support from the likes of DJ Koze and Michael Mayer, who released his ’Transient EP' on Kompakt sub-label KX in 2015.

His first release on Anjunadeep was in 2016, when he contributed a track to ‘Anjunadeep 08’, before following up with the 6-track 'Drop EP' in 2017. Since then, he’s released two artist albums, ‘Chiyu ( 治癒)' and ‘Flight’, that showcase his unique and textural production style, and were also accompanied by stunning visuals, shot created by Yuno himself in his native Japan.

Lycoriscoris on Reflections

Now, Lycoriscoris takes on ‘Kyoto (京都)', the standout single from Mark Barrott’s recent artist album ‘Jōhatsu (蒸発)’. Out now on Reflections, Yuno’s remix is minimal, swelling, and a brilliant update on the original.  

“‘Kyoto (京都)' is a nostalgic track even for me as a Japanese person. In the remix of this track, I wanted to carefully layer the sounds and express in music feelings that are actually deep inside, which are not apparent on the outside".

“My all time desert island artist is Steve Reich so to hear Lycoriscoris take on ‘Kyoto (京都)' & follow in his polyrhythmic footsteps with added dub and drama is hypnotic aural ecstasy for me”.

Out as part of the full ‘Jōhatsu (蒸発)’ album remix package, alongside @kaitlynaurelia’s remix of 'Kamikakushi (神隠し)’, listen to ‘Kyoto (京都)' (Lycoriscoris Remix) by clicking the button below.


Written by Claire Murgatroyd