Artist Spotlight: Anjunadeep Explorations 25


Artist Spotlight: Anjunadeep Explorations 25

The Anjunadeep Explorations EP series returns for its 25th instalment. Responsible for breaking label-favourite acts like CRi, Simon Doty and Luttrell, the various-artist series champions burgeoning electronic music talent, with this edition featuring six label debuts of the nine tracks in the compilation.

The latest EP features music from Jody Barr, Maty Owl, Vár Sofandi, Feiertag, Parallel Voices, HMVP, Laure, ASHE and Raphael Mader.



Jody Barr

First up on the compilation is Jody Barr; a UK-based producer who's been championed by the likes of Pete Tong, Black Coffee, Laurent Garnier, Hernán Cattáneo and more. His label debut 'Eleanor' has already been played in sets by Tony McGuinness of Above & Beyond, as well as label-boss James Grant, and is a driving progressive house track complete with rhythmic melodies and washed out pads.

“‘Eleanor’ was written in December of 2019 following a traumatic passing. It was certainly a time which provided a treadmill of emotions if you like. The focus was centred around wanting to create a descriptive record I could relate to in the hope it could be translated in the club.

Sasha played it just a matter of days later at a peak time in room one at Fabric and there was a tingling sensation of nostalgia and transcendence hearing it live. There’s a lot of personal attachment to ‘Eleanor’, so it makes it an extra special moment in my career to be able to release this with Anjunadeep and share such a personal record with the world. Thank you so much for having me on board and I hope everyone loves this record.”

Maty Owl NEW.jpg

Maty Owl

Brazilian producer Maty Owl also makes his label debut with 'Foz 5pm', an otherworldly track built over a laid-back breakbeat, with distant atmospheric pads, hypnotising vocal samples and an addictive, rolling bassline.

“The inspiration for ‘Foz 5pm’ came earlier this year, after my trip to Europe, where I witnessed a magical moment during a sunset in Oporto. The ‘Foz 5pm’ has yellowish/magenta color vibes across the chord progression and melodies that kind of bring a nostalgic feeling to me, especially in the main drop with the lofi melody lead.

I also produced a visualizer to better represent some of these moments bringing the nostalgic feeling from the kaleidoscope and some images inspired by Oporto streets. The idea was to portray it like a film in my memories. A cool fact about the video is that all the scenes were created in 3D by me.

This song was made with so much love and I hope you feel the nostalgia of this story as much as I do.” 

Var Sofandi NEW 2.jpg

Vár Sofandi

Finnish producer Vár Sofandi returns to the label with his track 'Jökull', having previously released on 'Reflections' volumes 1 & 3. 'Jökull' is a journey of emotive electronica framed within textured, ambient sections of delicate piano.

"Jökull' has been in the works since 2018 and has gone through quite a few iterations over the years. However, the structure of the song has always remained the same. Exploring ambient soundscapes is one of my favorite things to do and with 'Jökull', it can go even further.”

Feiertag_2022_IIMG_1082_by_Eduard Nijgh.jpg


Feiertag's 'Matic' is a moody track fusing syncopated, organic rhythms with warm electronic melody and fragmented vocal samples. The Dutch producer also makes his label debut on Anjunadeep Explorations 25, having previously released on labels such as Last Night On Earth and Majestic Casual.

“When making 'Matic' I had a constant vision of a sunset. It’s about that melancholic feeling when you’re having a great time, but you know it's going to be over soon and this is your last chance to enjoy. It feels good, but at the same time your conscious mind kicks in to tell you to leave soon. The repetitive syncopated synths, stuttering vocal chops, deep reese bass in combination with the broken beat enhance that feeling. I'm happy to finally share 'Matic' and make my debut on Anjunadeep.”


Parallel Voices

Parallel Voices joins Anjunadeep having previously released on labels such as Colorized. The Indian producer has been supported by tastemakers like Eelke Kleijn, Dosem, Lane 8 and has received radio support from Kiss FM. 'To Me' combines light, playful melodies with warm piano chords and a lively, upbeat rhythm.

“With ‘To Me’ I wanted to make something chill and soothing and I love how the track actually came to be. The whole process with this track was very intuitive and I pretty much used whatever first came out without overthinking anything. I think with this track, I touched some new spaces and learned some new things as well. I hope it will resonate with you as well.”



HVMP returns to the label following his previous release 'Flora' featuring on on flagship label compilation Anjunadeep 11. The track has gone on to clock over 1 million streams across DSP's since release. His latest release 'Artbitraire' features swung groove, organic percussion hits, and the blending of intricately chopped piano notes with electronic synths to create an intriguing yet irresistible deep house track.

“‘Arbitraire’ is a continuation of my vision to create music that is “Weird & Wonderful” - yet danceable. The initial idea was made in 2020 and I remember that this is one of the tracks where I managed to turn off my brain, just following a clean creative path in the process. If you asked me to re-create ‘Arbitraire’ today, I probably couldn’t do it. I’m so thrilled that it has finally found its way to the legendary Exploration series. It’s great to be back on Anjunadeep - and more to come!”



Laure debuts on Anjunadeep with her track 'Affinity', a warm, inviting organic house cut. 2023 has seen the Montréal-based artist release two remixes via XYZ label, as well as playing at the esteemed festival Piknic Électronik.

“‘Affinity’ isn't just a track; it's a heartfelt conversation between two souls in harmony. Like synchronized movements in a dance, it mirrors the unspoken understanding and shared emotions between close spirits.

‘Affinity’ is a melodic expression of my intertwined bond with my sibling, resonating in every note and narrating the story of a connection that speaks without words.”



The penultimate track on the compilation comes from ASHE, who has previously released on Anjunadeep's ambient and downtempo imprint 'Reflections' as part of compilation 'Reflections 03'. ASHE has also released on Deadmau5's renowned label Mau5trap. 'Moment' is an atmospheric breakbeat track featuring the enchanting vocals of featured Californian artist Midnite Amity.

"It's been a long time dream of mine to finally join the Anjunadeep family and I couldn't be more pleased to be releasing ‘Moment’ with Midnite Amity. She took this song to a level I never thought imaginable which made me rework the entire instrumental into what we have today. I hope all that listen to ‘Moment’ can take away something from this song that we have poured so much into. Thank you all for your continued support!"


Raphael Mader

Lastly, Raphael Mader is a Munich-based producer who has previously released on Yotto's 'Odd One Out' label, who rounds off the compilation with the suspenseful melodic house track 'Right On'.

“‘Right On’ is a track that deals with the topic of letting go and the feelings and emotions associated with it. A mix of mourning, sorrow and yet confidence and optimism. Accepting the chapter as such, being grateful for the experiences and looking ahead - because life has more in store for you. Beginnings are difficult, as is letting go of the established routine. Nevertheless, there is an opportunity to grow.”