Planning your trip

How to get tickets

The Explorations 2024 general sale takes place on Thursday February 8 from 12pm GMT. This is your last opportunity to purchase your Explorations 2024 package. If applicable, there will be a cancellation sale closer to the festival.

Accessing the Site and Queue System

Access to the booking site will be emailed on a rolling basis starting at 12pm GMT. It’s likely you will need to join the queue before proceeding to the booking site. 

New this year, we’re implementing an email notification option that allows you to opt-in to receiving an email notification when you’re at the front of the queue. This feature allows you to navigate away from the site until it’s your turn to enter the booking portal.

Here’s what that will look like:

  • When you access the Explorations booking link, you’ll enter the queue where you’re automatically assigned a spot.
  • A message will then appear on your screen telling you your place in the queue and estimated arrival time on the site. 
  • At this point, you can choose to enter your email to be notified when you’re at the front of the queue. This is optional. 
  • Once you reach the front of the queue, you will be redirected automatically. If you have chosen to be notified by email, you will receive a message from Queue-it. You will then have 15 minutes to return to the queue or you forfeit your place.

Getting ready to book

Make sure you plan ahead so that you’re ready to book! At time of booking, you’ll be able to:

  • Purchase your tickets and accommodations
  • Reserve your transfers to and from Dhërmi
  • Add shuttle tickets

Tickets for Gjipe, poolside sessions, wellness programmes and other activities will be available at a later date. 

Note: All Explorations tickets are sold with accommodation. This helps to ensure everyone gets the best priced accommodation during the festival week in 2024 and the years ahead.

Please only book accommodation you plan to stay in. Mainstage Festivals reserve the right to cancel your booking if it is believed you have booked additional accommodation directly. Please refer to our terms for further information.

What to prepare in advance

If you’re booking with a group (or even preparing to go solo), we strongly recommend planning in advance so that you have everything you need to book tickets when they go on sale. 

In order to book your package, you’ll need the below information from everyone in your group:

  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • Email
  • Phone number

You will also need to submit a £75 deposit per person when you book. 

Name changes

Name changes are complimentary until Friday May 10, 2024 at 6pm BST. After this date, the name change fee is £55 per change.

Deposit info

You can secure your spot with just a £75 deposit. Packages start from £330pp.

General sale (February 8th) payment deadlines: 

  • The initial 50% of your balance will be due on 5th April, 2024
  • The remaining 50% of your balance will be due on 3rd May, 2024

Presale payment dates: If you booked with us during the November presale, the remaining 50% of your balance is due on 5th April 2024.

If you book with a group, the deposit must be paid by the lead passenger. Once the booking has been created, each person will be able to pay their balance separately. 

Full dates and amounts will be communicated to you with reminders once you have made your booking.

Choosing your Explorations package

Accommodation and transfer options depend on your group size as well as your arrival and departure dates. 

Group Size

We offer a range of accommodations across group sizes of 1 - 7 guests. Groups are able to book together through one reservation. This includes booking one room for a group staying together, or multiple rooms for one group. Please note you will need all of your group’s information to book.

If you’d like to meet others going to Explorations to form a group, you can head to our Facebook Group

February 2024 Update: 

Over 70% of available packages for our February sale are suitable for 2 or 3-person groups. Around 23% of packages are suitable for groups of 4, with a small number of packages for groups of 5+ people available as well. Very limited solo packages remain for 2024.

Arrival and Departure Dates

Your desired arrival and departure dates will impact your hotel and transfer options, so make sure to confirm your plans with your group ahead of time. 

If you book a transfer with us, your arrival and departure options will be: 

Arrival Dates: Thursday 13 June and Friday 14 June

Departure Dates: Monday 17 June, Tuesday 18 June, and Wednesday 19 June

Music Program Schedule

Music programming runs from the evening of Thursday 13 June through the early morning of Wednesday 19 June. This means Tuesday 18 June is the last night of programming, but as we like to go late, expect to be able to dance until the sun rises on Wednesday.

Gjipe parties and Poolside Sessions will run daily from Friday 14 June through Tuesday 18 June. We will hold a special extras sale specifically for these events. Full lineups and more information to come.


All tickets include accommodation and a festival wristband. This is to avoid overinflated rates during the festival week, ensure sustainable prices, and provide a smoother festival experience for our guests. Please note per our terms that guests may not purchase additional accommodation outside of the official festival accommodation.

A festival ticket and hotel stay starts at only £330pp.

There are options for everyone, from cosy 3-star hotels to premium 5-star hotels just steps away from our festival stages, all at excellent prices. The majority of rooms on offer are in 3 and 4-star hotels, with a select few 5-star hotels available. Premium hotels are likely to sell out so we encourage you to create a wishlist of options so you’re prepared when you enter the booking site.

Accommodation Areas and Map

There are 3 areas where you can stay: Dhërmi, Perivolos and Drymades. The festival takes place in Dhërmi which means you can simply walk to and from the festival area. 

We operate a shuttle bus service between Dhërmi, Perivolos and Drymades so even if your accommodation is not within walking distance, it’s still easy to get to and from the festival site.

  • Dhërmi: All the accommodation around Dhërmi beach is within walking distance from the stages, with some hotels located inside the festival area. Hotels here are in high demand and usually sell out quite quickly. 
  • Drymades: The neighbouring beach to Dhërmi is a short drive away from the festival and offers a great selection of shops, restaurants and beach bars during the day. 
  • Perivolos: The area in between both beaches, is only a 5-minute drive away from the festival site. 

Minimum Stays

Below are the minimum stays depending on where your accommodation is located. We recommend committing to a longer stay in Dhërmi if you can - it’s worth it! 

  • Festival site: 5-night minimum stay
  • Dhërmi Beach (outside of festival site): 4-night minimum stay
  • Perivlos / Drymades Beach: 3-night minimum stay

Explorations Hotel Database

To help you plan for booking, we’ve put together a hotel database with available hotels for the upcoming sale. Please note hotels and availability are subject to change, and this document is for educational purposes only.

Hotel Guide

February 2024 Update: 

Nearly 75% of available packages are in 3 or 4-star hotels, with over 20% of available packages within 5-star hotels. We've also added a lot of stock in Dhërmi Beach, close to the festival. Be sure to book early to avoid disappointment.

Shuttle Bus Info

We operate a shuttle bus service between Dhërmi and Drymades. The weekly pass costs only £28 per person and provides unlimited shuttles. You can get this in advance via manage booking (up to 48h before the festival) or at the Customer Info point for €35.

If you are unsure whether you need a shuttle pass, please check the accommodation map to see where your accommodation is located. Anything in Dhërmi is walking distance to the festival. Perivolos and Drymades areas will require a shuttle pass.

Shuttle times

The shuttles will be looping continuously between the stops roughly every 20 – 30 mins. Shuttles will run from Thursday the 13th at 16:00 through until 12:00 on Wednesday the 19th.

There are 4 shuttle stops between Dhërmi and Drymades, plus 3 on request stops where you will be able to get off the shuttle if you request so to the driver when you get on the bus. Note the shuttle won't be able to pick you up at those on request stops and you will have to walk to the nearest stop.

Transfer Options

From Corfu, Greece

The first option is via boat from Corfu, Greece to Albania, then a final leg to Dhërmi by bus. You can choose either a speedy option (1h15) or a standard option (2h30). The bus trip from the ferry terminal to the festival is around 50 minutes.

Corfu is just a 3 hour flight from London, with many other direct flights from across Europe. The ferry terminal is a 10 minute taxi ride from the airport. When booking, please refer to the timetable for latest flight landing times to ensure you make your ferry on time.

Pricing: £65 one-way for the Speedy ferry, £49 one-way for the standard ferry.

Below is the current scheduled ferry times. Please note routes are subject to sell out.

Explorations 2024 - Ferry Timetable - 4x5 (2).png

From Tirana, Albania

Flight times to Tirana are under 3 hours from many European cities. Transit options include a minibus or a private taxi transfer. 

Via minibus

New for 2023, enjoy a direct transfer from Tirana airport straight to the festival site. Take in the stunning mountain views on a 3.5 hour drive. Relax in our comfy minibuses with plenty of room for you and your luggage.

Tickets cost £45 one-way. 

Explorations 2024 - Bus Timetable - 4x5 (2).png
Via private taxi

You can book a private taxi for up to 3 people and luggage, which will bring you from the Tirana airport directly to your hotel based on your flight arrival time. If you book a private taxi for departure, the taxi will pick you up at your hotel. 

Price is £165 one-way.


More info is available in our FAQ 

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