Ice Palace

Ice Palace

By Qrion

  |  ANJDEE860OD
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Following the nostalgic sounds of ‘Miyanosawa’, Qrion takes us on another trip down memory lane with ‘Ice Palace’, this time reminiscing about childhood memories of the annual Snow Festival held in Sapporo, the city home to the small town she grew up in.

“ I was making music in Austin as usual. It was a very windy and cold day. Although it was 20 degrees Celsius, it felt like minus 5 degrees inside my headphones. The cold air against my skin reminded me of the Sapporo Snow Festival I visited as a child.

Winters in Sapporo are very cold, so I always wore my favorite red ski outfit and a hand-knitted hat with bear ears. I recall those rare family outings, where we admired various snow and ice sculptures and talked with my mother about how beautiful they were. My favorite memory was the large snow slide, where my sister and I would line up multiple times.

What I still remember vividly is how warm my father's hand felt through his gloves, despite the freezing cold outside. While composing, I felt sad and cried, realizing I would never feel that warmth again.

My inner clock stopped when I was a sophomore in high school, the year my father died. My body has grown, but it feels like my heart remains stuck in that time. Even now, it doesn't feel real, as if he is still away on a business trip to some far-off country. Accepting and understanding my father's death is a challenge I face as I move forward with my life. Now that I have quit drugs and alcohol, I feel like I am gradually making progress.” - Qrion

After playing standout sets at California’s Lightning In A Bottle Festival and Anjunadeep Explorations, Qrion is set to perform at Anjunadeep Open Air New York City, Seattle, Los Angeles and Mexico City.

‘Ice Palace’ is out July 9 on Anjunadeep.


1Ice Palace - Qrion03:20
2Miyanosawa - Qrion03:28
3Ice Palace (Extended Mix) - Qrion05:44
4Miyanosawa (Extended Mix) - Qrion05:42

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