Stelios Vassiloudis' Top Five Ambient & Downtempo Tracks


Stelios Vassiloudis' Top Five Ambient & Downtempo Tracks

Greek producer and composer Stelios Vassiloudis recently released his stunning 'XY/YX EP' on Reflections, and so we invited him to share some tracks that have inspired his hypnotic sound and production style.

Life's Fading Light.jpg

⚫️ The Sight Below - Life's Fading Light

"I’m a huge fan of Raf’s music - he’s a brilliant composer and a great engineer. A lot of what passes as “ambient” music nowadays is generic, overindulgent, FX-laden rubbish but his recordings always have that distinctive warmth and depth that makes them essential listening."


⚫️ JFDR - Spectator

"This is a really beautiful and melancholic record. One of my favourites from last year!"



⚫️ VRIL - Animist

"I absolutely adore Delsin and the music they put out. VRIL’s “Animist” album really blew me away and the titular track is a great example of how less really is more. That haunting arpeggio pattern just gets under your skin and stays with you."



⚫️ Emeralds - Magic

"This is proper, timeless, mature ambient sonic mastery. Ghostly is another of the labels that I greatly admire as they excel in selecting artists from (seemingly) disparate genres that fuse together to comprise such a timeless, essential discography. This one’s got it all: tone, texture, noise, ambience, dynamics, design etc."



⚫️ Nine Inch Nails - Letting Go While Holding On

"I’ve been a life long NIN fan and it’s really inspiring to see how far Trent Reznor’s songwriting skills have come (and continue to go). This record was released during a time of abject misery and uncertainty in the world - and I can’t think of a more fitting soundtrack from which to extrapolate meaning and expression that is characteristic of the period." 


Written by: Laura Hooper