Ryan Davis' Top Five Ambient and Downtempo Tracks


Ryan Davis' Top Five Ambient and Downtempo Tracks

Anjuna staple Ryan Davis shares his top five ambient and downtempo tracks.
These records inspired his first full-length downtempo LP ,‘Through The Mirror Glass’, due December 5th.

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⚫️ Jon Hopkins - Immunity

“I can’t get enough of this track… it’s just so gentle, experimental. This song is 10 minutes but you actually never want it to stop.”


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⚫️ Thomas Newman - Road To Perdition 

“This is just a soundtrack that feels like coming home and probably one of the songs that made me want to create the album."



⚫️ Jean-Michel Jarre - Oxygene, Pt. 2

“This one has been with me since my childhood. It's not a song to relax to, but it opened the door and got me excited about electronic music."


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⚫️ This Will Destroy You - They Move on Tracks of Never-Ending Light

“This Will Destroy You is one of my favourite post rock bands and this piece just brings it all together but on guitars. The riffs and picking plus the lovely clicky breaks make this one of my all time favourites.”


max richter.jpeg

⚫️ Max Richter - On the Nature of Daylight

“Max perfects both complexity and simplicity in this piece. This composition alongside any emotional scene in a movie will ensure you feel it just as vividly.”


Written by Ella Machen
Photo Credit: Andreas Gunar