Anjunadeep Monthly Newsletter #013 - August 2022


Anjunadeep Monthly Newsletter #013 - August 2022

Hello everyone,

It’s been another busy month here at HQ...We’ve released new music from CubicolorNils HoffmannMarshSimon Doty and My Friend. Plus, today, we unveiled Nox Vahn & Joseph Ray’s dynamite first collaboration, ‘Inhibitions’ 💥

We also announced our European club tour, and jetted off to Colorado with some of our family of artists! If you joined us in Denver, keep reading, as you can find our full photo album below. If you didn’t, no worries, we’ve got plenty for you too, including some DJing tips from our family of artists, and in-house selectors.

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Anjunadeep's Top Tips for New DJs 🎵

Off the back of a sizzling HQ b2b at Anjunadeep Explorations in June (pictured above), and our recent Anjuna HQ All-Stars fundraiser, we picked the brains of some of our family of artists, and our in-house DJs, to get their hottest tips for any aspiring selectors... 🕺

"Dig constantly for new (and old) music and build up a library of great tunes. Being prepared for all eventualities and surprising crowds with curveball moments and exciting and undiscovered music is always gratifying. And don’t just dig on one platform, use everything available to you!"
- Daniel Curpen, Anjunadeep A&R Manager

"I think the hardest bit can be getting started, so when I began learning I didn’t want to put any pressure on myself so I set myself a target of practising for at least 20 minutes a day and any longer than that was a bonus!"
- Laura (Laura T), Anjunadeep Marketing Executive

"When it come to track selection, always be yourself and play what you would want to hear if you were on the dance floor!"
- Jon Gurd

Jon Gurd in action at Printworks London (Photo: Sienna Lorraine Gray)
Jon Gurd in action at Printworks London (Photo: Sienna Lorraine Gray)

"I always plan a set with tunes I want to dance to and play, as I always think, if I see a DJ enjoying themselves, having the best time laughing etc., then I’m 100% going to enjoy myself!"
- Roz (Roz K), Streaming Manager

"When DJing, it can sometimes be easier to go down the safer route and play something that you feel the crowd will prefer, maybe because it's more well known or just a track that always works in your sets. This isn't the wrong approach, however occasionally it's important to be a little bit selfish when it comes to track selection. Choosing something that you want play which pushes the boundaries and moves things forward can be pleasantly surprising! Never forget to always try and stand out from the crowd!"
- My Friend

Nils Hoffmann in action at Anjunadeep pres. Explorations 2022 (Photo: Eric Aydin-Barberini)
Nils Hoffmann in action at Anjunadeep pres. Explorations 2022 (Photo: Eric Aydin-Barberini)

"This is a tip for more intermediate DJs, but I always suggest mixing in key, especially melodic house. Your transitions will just be so much smoother!"
- Nils Hoffmann

"My tip for starting out would be to make sure you learn to mix by ear. If you’re using a controller and computer screen, I’d recommend covering the waveforms to practice, and as you get more comfortable, or are using CDJs can even cover the BPMs for an extra challenge.It may sound like a weird one, but being able to comfortably and quickly adjust on the fly, or recover a mix in a hectic environment will mean you’re able to enjoy yourself much more, and feel less limited when it comes to changing things up 💥"
- Angus (DD Goose), Anjunadeep Label Assistant

"My tip would be to practice playing long sets, you’ll find yourself so much more confident and at ease behind the decks once you’ve racked up the hours (ideally in front of a crowd!). Also one of the most important DJ skills that I have finally picked up after years of practice is the ability to remove the correct USB stick after my final track. Nothing ruins a headline DJs mood more than cutting off their music."
- Dom Donnelly, Anjunadeep Label Manager

Anjunadeep Open Air - 11th August 2019 by Luke Dyson - IMG_1034 (2).jpg

Anjunadeep Events Update

This month, we announced our European club tour, and the response from the Anjunafamily was overwhelming! We can’t wait to reunite with you all on some of our favourite dancefloors this winter ❄️

See a list of all our upcoming tour dates below, including our shows in São Paulo and at Dockyards London

🇧🇷 06/09/22 | ARCA | São Paulo, Brazil
🇬🇧 11/09/22 l Dockyards l London, UK
🇺🇸 14/10/22 | Exchange | Los Angeles, CA
🇺🇸 16/10/22 | Christmas Tree Lane, Expo Park | Los Angeles, CA [SOLD OUT]
🇳🇱 20/10/22 | Paradiso | Amsterdam, Netherlands
🇨🇿 29/10/22 | Roxy | Prague, Czechia
🇨🇭 04/11/22 | MÄX | Zürich, Switzerland
🇩🇪 05/11/22 | Watergate | Berlin, Germany
🇬🇧 25/11/22 | The Marble Factory | Bristol, UK
🇬🇧 02/12/22 | Hidden | Manchester, UK
🇬🇧 03/12/22 | The Arch | Brighton, UK
🇫🇯 13/12/22 | Your Paradise Festival | Yaro, Fiji

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Anjunadeep Open Air Denver 2022

Anjunadeep Does Denver 🏜

Last weekend, we visited Denver for our rescheduled Open Air show!We had a brilliant time  with Ben Böhmer, CRi, Eli & Fur, Luttrell and OLAN, and we loved seeing so many of you hit the dancefloor.

Our photographers Ching H Chen and Shannon Shumaker captured the event brilliantly, and we wanted to share their photos with you, the Anjunafamily 📸

Click the button below to check out the album on Flickr, and remember, if you’re planning to share these photos, make sure to tag Ching and Shannon! Their details can be found under each photo in the album. Happy scrolling...

Denver Photos

Nourey and MIT's Climate Machine at Above & Beyond's Group Therapy Weekender
Nourey and MIT's Climate Machine at Above & Beyond's Group Therapy Weekender

Sustainability with Anjuna HQ - Save The Date

Empowerment in Climate Action: Lessons from the Weekender

Research conducted at The Drumsheds and The Gorge confirmed the Anjunafamily has a high level of awareness of the challenges around climate change. The next step is to explore how we can move from this state to a place of empowerment 🌍

Relive some Group Therapy Weekender magic together with Anjunabeats' Nourey and MiT's Climate Machine as they present brand new climate action research from the Gorge. Initial findings suggest that our community is action-oriented. How then do we lower the threshold to climate action?

Tune in live on September 21, 2022 from 4.30pm BST/11:30am EDT via Twitch, or click the button below to set yourself a reminder!

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Written by Claire Murgatroyd