Inside Reflections at ADE 2022 with Jessie Marcella and Kat Pither


Inside Reflections at ADE 2022 with Jessie Marcella and Kat Pither

Just a few weeks to go until we head to Amsterdam for ADE, and this year, it’s time for something a little different… 🧘

Our new low tempo label Reflections will be hosting an intimate live music and meditation experience as part of the ADE Arts & Culture program. On October 21, across two hour-long back to back sessions, we have invited Yogi Bare founder Kat Pither to lead a unique guided meditation and breathwork journey, accompanied by a special live performance from Jessie Marcella.

Keep on reading for more information and some words from Jessie and Kat to hear a little more on what all of this is about.

Tickets are very limited for the session, so if you want to join Reflections at ADE, hop to it, and click the button below.


<i>Delight Yoga's&nbsp;Prinseneiland branch: T</i><i>he venue for this exclusive Reflections event</i>
Delight Yoga's Prinseneiland branch: The venue for this exclusive Reflections event

Jessie and Kat explain what’s to come…

“I will be playing a fusion of ambient, captivating and emotive electronica, flowing between both electronic and live instrumentation. There will be moments of improvisation intertwined with a showcase of tracks from my 'Untitled' project. Expect both twinkling piano, soaring clarinet, soft dones and elemental ambience dancing hand-in-hand with rolling bass lines and operatic vocal cries; all doing one thing, inspiring a state of pure being, allowing you to really exist in the moment. Inspired by artists such as Jon Hopkins, Ólafur Arnalds and Nils Frahm, it will be an hour of all emotions, goosebumps and maybe even some tears.”  - Jessie Marcella

“It starts with a breath. And then another and again, forevermore. Fusing spoken word meditation and breathwork with the ethereal, emotive music of Jessie, this experience is a reminder to us all about the connection, fragility and wonder of life. A moment to feel sound run through you and your own aliveness, to understand your place in all of this… how it all starts and ends with a breath.” - Kat Pither

<i>Kat Pither, Founder of Yogi Bare</i>
Kat Pither, Founder of Yogi Bare

🎟 Event Details 🎟

Friday, October 21, 2022

Delight Yoga, Prinseneiland 20G, 1013 LR Amsterdam

Session One - 14:30

Session Two - 15:45


️⚪️ Listen ⚪️

Listen to Jessie Marcella’s latest EP ‘Untitled Pt. 2’   and all of our latest music via our New Releases playlist. 

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