Hosini's Top Five Ambient and Downtempo Tracks


Hosini's Top Five Ambient and Downtempo Tracks

We asked Anjuna staple Hosini to share his top five ambient and downtempo tracks with us. These are records that have helped shape his sound and served as influences for his new EP ‘Beyond The Fog’, out now on Reflections. Here’s what he had to say…

01 Apocalypto score - james horner.jpeg

⚫️ James Horner - To The Forest

“Listening to this track transports me to another world.”


02 oblivion score - m83 .jpeg

⚫️ M83, Anthony Gonzales and Joseph Trapanese - Starwaves

“This is one of my favourite tracks, the drum beats combined with the powerful synths create a euphoric ending that has unconsciously influenced many of the productions on my EP.”


03 Alex somers - fall.jpeg

⚫️ Alex Somers - Fell

“The blending of electronic and granulated synths with natural elements in this track is amazing. The creation of my EP was heavily influenced by the combination of both organic and synthetic sounds.”


04 Steven Price - Aningaaq.jpeg

⚫️ Steven Price - Aningaaq

“I am really drawn to the subtle textures and melodic elements that are interspersed throughout this track. They create a harmonious and captivating listening experience.”


05 Max Richter - Tuesday (Voiceless).jpeg

⚫️ Max Richter - Tuesday (Voiceless)

“This track is 21 minutes long and it just keeps getting better as it goes on. The layering on this one is amazing and it’s been on repeat the last couple of years.”


Written by Ella Machen

Photo credit: Alexander Ohlzon