Artist Spotlight: Anjunadeep Explorations 23


Artist Spotlight: Anjunadeep Explorations 23

Earlier this month, we released the 23rd of our Anjunadeep Explorations EP series. A showcase for new artists, this series has been the jumping-off point for many bright talents on the label, including Ben Böhmer and CRi.

This new EP features music from Chris Luno, CEAUS, Keilimei, Sinca, LEGATO, JAMIIE, Zombies in Miami, Igor Garanin, Hiski, Joshua Moreno and oddchapters.

Click the button below to listen to the EP, and keep reading for a little more insight into each of the new tracks!


Chris Luno, CEAUS & Keilimei

The compilation kicks off with ‘Horizon’, a spellbinding collaboration between German producer (and livestreamer!) Chris Luno and Turkish artist CEAUS, and features the hypnotic vocals of Hawaiian-born, Paris-based vocalist Keilimei.

chris luno studio June 148 (Kaan Türker)-min.JPG

Chris Luno

“CEAUS and I met on the internet through a remix inquiry, a few months and endless chat messages later, I flew over to Turkey and met up with him. He showed me the Draft of Horizon, I loved it, added some synths, beats and punch and then sent it to Keilimei for some vocals. She added her magic and since then the track has been one of the most-wanted IDs in our sets. I couldn't have wished for a better label than Anjunadeep to release this. Enjoy legends”



“I’m beyond excited for my first release on Anjunadeep with Chris Luno & Keilimei. I’m currently 18 years old and it’s still unbelievable for me. It was one of my childhood dreams to be working with such a legendary record label that I grew up listening to. Above & Beyond was one of the first electronic music acts that made an impression on me, which led me to this path. Thanks to the Anjunadeep team for making this happen.

The track developed while I was jamming on an idea, I instantly got inspired and thought it would fit both Chris’ and my sound as well. Chris and I met a few years ago when he remixed my track ‘HazeI’. I sent it to Chris later that day and we worked on it as fast as possible to finalise the track. In upcoming weeks we decided that a vocal was in need for the song and we reached out to Keilimei, who did a great job on lyrics and her angelic voice blessed the track on another level.”

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“Horizon encompasses the feeling of sitting with oneself and gazing out into a sunset over the sea. It emphasises the interconnectedness with the ocean, and how its vastness represents the unlimited potentiality in the universe. All that is out there, around us, is also in here, within us.” 

Sinca mini.jpg


Canadian producer Sinca is welcomed back to the compilation series following her label debut for Anjunadeep Explorations 19 with ‘Mancora’, which racked up over 1.3M streams on Spotify alone and won support from label boss James Grant in his sets. Her new track ‘Villeray’ pays homage to a special Montréal neighbourhood, and creates an alluring groove using delayed plucks and syncopated percussion.

"This new track is an invitation to experience the magic and soul of a place that shaped my musical identity: my hometown Montréal. During the last stretch of the pandemic, my favourite activity was to explore my neighbourhood of the time, Villeray. I found inspiration in every corner, from the bustling cafes to the hidden alleys, this place breathed life into my music."

LEGATO New Press Shot.jpg


LEGATO is Birmingham-based producer who debuted on Anjunadeep recently with his track ‘Petals’, a collaboration with Jody Wisternoff & James Grant that featured on flagship label compilation ‘Anjunadeep 14’ earlier this year. He’s previously released on labels such as All Day I Dream and Nightcolours, and been supported by the likes of Disclosure and Pete Tong. His new offering ‘I’ll Never Forget You’ comprises warm chords and relaxed percussion to create a balearic-influenced, evocative deep house track.

"The track came about around a year ago, it originally started life as a composition for string ensemble and piano but soon evolved into a LEGATO track. I’ve always loved incorporating ensemble/orchestral samples into my music, in my opinion it adds a real, pure and emotive expression that can’t be achieved purely using synths!"



Berliner JAMIIE steps up for her label debut with her track ‘Tongue Of Flame’. The groove and power of her eclectic sets, her Watergate residency and part in the RISEcollective made her an in-demand artist, having her played on renowned festivals and clubs across Europe, Africa, South America and the Ukraine.

“I wrote 'Tongue Of Flame' during the pandemic. Everything was so uncertain and I felt quite emotional. I translated this feeling into the track, with an emotional melody and atmospheric synths.”

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Igor Garanin

Igor Garanin returns the compilation series with ‘Clean Slate’, a collaboration with Australian producer Hiski, having previously featured on Anjunadeep Explorations 15. He recently featured on this year’s label Compilation ‘Anjunadeep 14’ with his remix of ‘Surge’ from legendary trance trio Above & Beyond.

“Hiski and I met online and quickly decided to collaborate on a musical idea I had at the time. He’s got a great ear for details and an all-round nice person to work with. The track was written and produced in Spring of 2021 while the pandemic was still underway.”

Joshua Moreno - Press Shot 01.jpg

Joshua Moreno

The penultimate track on the EP is Joshua Moreno, who lands on the label from his native Trinidad & Tobago with new single ‘Last Kind Deed’.

“First off, I’d like to thank Anjunadeep for granting me the opportunity to achieve one of my milestone dreams. As a proud T&T citizen, it feels great to know you can literally accomplish anything as long as you work hard for it.

When I was writing ‘Last Kind Deed’, I wondered what it would sound like for someone to do their last kind deed on this planet. As dark as that sounds, there is a beauty in understanding what could always be. It helps to inspire my mind to create, which is how this track came to be.”



German live act, and This Never Happened alumnus oddchapters closes Anjunadeep Explorations 23 with delicate production ‘Fjord’.

“I started to produce 'Fjord' in the pandemic. At that time I was missing the performing at events and also social contacts. With 'Fjord' I wanted to write a track that expresses just this longing and at the same time gives hope for better days.”

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Written by Claire Murgatroyd and Angus Owen