3STRANGE's Top Five Ambient and Downtempo Tracks


3STRANGE's Top Five Ambient and Downtempo Tracks

We asked 3STRANGE, aka Anjunadeep signing Alan Fitzpatrick, to share his top 5 ambient and downtempo picks with us. These are tracks that have helped shape his latest track ‘Kinky Animals’ with collaborator Reset Robot, out now on Reflections. 

Brian Eno - An Ending (Ascent)  (1).jpeg

⚫️ Brian Eno - An Ending (Ascent) 

“One of the finest ambient works, Eno is a genius and a pioneer. What he’s done for ambient music is unparalleled.”


Ben Howard - Old Pine.jpeg

⚫️ Ben Howard - Old Pine

“One of my favourite artists and this track is divine. I always find myself coming back to it.”


Lisa Gerrard - Sanvean - I Am Your Shadow.jpeg

⚫️ Lisa Gerrard - Sanvean - I Am Your Shadow

"This track makes me cry every time I hear it, but in a good way. It’s such a beautiful piece of ambient classical music. The vocal is heavenly. Listen and make your own conclusion."


_Burial - Archangel .jpeg

⚫️ Burial - Archangel

"Arguably one of the most influential artists of a generation. This is from one of his masterpiece albums 'Untrue'. Burial is iconic and enigmatic."


Wojciech Golczewski - Childhood Dream.jpeg

⚫️ Wojciech Golczewski - Childhood Dream

"'80s inspired synthwave at its best. Considering I'm a total '80s nerd and a sucker for anything from that era, I love this."


Written by: Ella Machen