Acts Of Union

Acts Of Union

By Turtle

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Returning to the label is Glaswegian producer and composer Jon Cooper, aka Turtle, presenting his new ethereal 4-track EP ‘Acts Of Union EP’.

Born out of his fascination for sound and a desire to entertain his peers, Jon’s journey into music production began in the vibrant electronic scene of late ‘90s and early 2000s Glasgow. Despite having no formal musical training and claiming an inability to read sheet music, Jon’s evolution was profoundly shaped by his surroundings and a commitment to experimentation, gradually moving away from the confines of dance music and embracing a more fluid and experimental sound.

Capturing the ears of renowned documentary filmmaker Fernando Villena, he was commissioned to compose scores for award-winning documentaries such as ‘Any One of Us’, ‘Dear Rider’ and ‘The Aplanist’, exercising his creative freedom, and crafting soundscapes that perfectly complement the visual narratives. 

Turtle’s brand new EP ‘Acts Of Union’ is an enchanting sonic journey, born from spontaneous improvisation and primarily recorded in a single take. Each track blends into the next as he intertwines dreamy synths and minimalist instrumentation, featuring guitars and a timeworn, dusty organ sample. The project is introspective, and crafted to evoke a sense of nostalgia, he summarises this concept as:

“The Acts of Union EP draws its inspiration from the contemplation of mortality as temporary physical vessels and the notion that the spirit, soul, or energy—whatever name you prefer—persists beyond our mortal flesh. The aim was to craft a sonic aesthetic that evokes a sense of nostalgia - a beauty that emerges amidst degradation, akin to enduring vignettes that have weathered the passage of time.”

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Turtle 'Acts Of Union' is out now on Reflections. The ‘Acts Of Union EP’ is available to pre-order now on the Anjunastore, due 12 February 2024.


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