No Rival!

No Rival!

By Lakou Mizik & Joseph Ray

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The fourth single off Lakou Mizik and Joseph Ray’s new album ‘Leave the Bones’, ’No Rival! pays homage to Rara, the music of the Haitian streets. Characterized by frenetic drums and chorused one-note horns, ‘No Rival!’ is full of swagger, just like the bands that march through the towns of the island nation, toasting and trying to outdo one another. ‘No Rival!’ plants a flag in the ground - “Listen up! There’s no better band than Lakou Mizik!”

Described by NPR as “a mesmerizing, haunting and uplifting journey into the heart of Haitian culture”, ‘Leave the Bones’ was released August 6. A collaboration between the multi-generational Haitian band Lakou Mizik and Grammy-winning electronic music artist Joseph Ray, the album has garnered a wealth of tastemaker support, including the likes of NPR, Billboard, The Times, Songlines Magazine, Pete Tong at BBC Radio 1, 6 Music, BBC Radio 3, Gilles Peterson’s Worldwide FM, and Mixmag.

• “For those of us who long to travel once the world gets back to normal, albums as multilayered as this are just about the next best thing.” - The Times

• "A mesmerizing, haunting and uplifting journey into the heart of Haitian culture." - NPR

• "A beautiful deep dive into Haitian culture, and a very interesting twist with Joseph Ray being involved as well." - Anne Litt, KCRW

• "The stirring new track, entitled Ogou (Pran Ka Mwen), hints to what the rest of the LP will entail." - CRACK Magazine

• "It’s powerful to imagine these tracks being played on dancefloors in Miami, London, or Ibiza, transporting people from around the world, inviting them to dance, celebrate, and get lost in the richness of Haiti, if only for a moment."- AFROPUNK

• “Celebrates creativity and possibility in the face of adversity” - Mixmag

• “Message-driven, lovingly made, this is an album to play on repeat.” - Songlines

• “An album that exposes the richness of the musical culture of the Antilles to the entire planet.” - Le Devoir


1No Rival! - Lakou Mizik & Joseph Ray04:59
2Bade Zile - Lakou Mizik & Joseph Ray03:45
3Lamizè Pa Dous - Lakou Mizik & Joseph Ray04:22
4Ogou (Pran Ka Mwen) - Lakou Mizik & Joseph Ray04:56
5No Rival! (Original Mix) - Lakou Mizik & Joseph Ray05:41
6Bade Zile (Original Mix) - Lakou Mizik & Joseph Ray05:34
7Lamizè Pa Dous (Original Mix) - Lakou Mizik & Joseph Ray06:00
8Ogou (Pran Ka Mwen) (Original Mix) - Lakou Mizik & Joseph Ray06:20

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