Anjunadeep The Yearbook 2023

Anjunadeep The Yearbook 2023

By Various Artists

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As we come to the end of another year, 'Anjunadeep The Yearbook' returns to showcase some of the label's biggest releases during 2023. This year's mixed compilation features 28 tracks from label mainstays and debut artists alike, including Eli & Fur, CRi, Nicky Elisabeth, Leaving Laurel and more.

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Disc 1
1I Can Make It (Mixed) - CRi04:01
3A Power Over Me (Mixed) - Joseph Ray & Elliot Vast04:08
4Illusionist (Mixed) - Paul Baule06:22
5If You Know Me (Mixed) - Steven Weston feat. Arctic Lake & bailey03:57
6fireflies (for as far as we could see) (Mixed) - Leaving Laurel06:58
7Where I Find My Mind (Mixed) - Eli & Fur04:26
8Sun Rings (Mixed) - Tagavaka feat. Oliver Wickham03:59
9Lonely (Mixed) - Nils Hoffmann feat. Rae Morris05:22
10Soulflow (Mixed) - Simon Doty feat. Ursula Rucker06:30
11Ride Away (Mixed) - Moon Boots feat. Steven Klavier05:37
12The Truth (Mixed) - Braxton & Warung04:45
13Remedy (Mixed) - Durante feat. Running Touch04:25
14Third Time (Mixed) - Romain Garcia & Douran04:49
15Sweet Mistake (Mixed) - Mark Novas06:11
Disc 2
1Ashen (Mixed) - Jon Gurd & Reset Robot05:09
2Beach Kisses (2023 Mix (Mixed)) - Dosem04:35
3Call My Name (Mixed) - Franky Wah feat. Rae Morris04:19
4Eyes Ablaze (Mixed) - Blake.0805:00
5Dusk (Mixed) - Nicky Elisabeth04:31
6Sunrise Song (Mixed) - Luttrell04:41
7Blue Marble (Mixed) - Dosem & My Friend04:05
8Horizon (Mixed) - Chris Luno, CEAUS & Keilimei04:26
9All Night Long (Mixed) - Marsh04:04
10Pegasus (Mixed) - MEDUZA x Eli & Fur05:01
11Khimsar (Mixed) - Anyasa feat. Isheeta Chakrvarty06:14
12When I'm With You (Mixed) - Nox Vahn04:09

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