Anjunadeep presents: Explorations

Our environmental commitment

We recognise that live music events have an impact on the environment. The good news is we can all do something about it.

From our side we want to do our best to minimise our impact. We can better manage the environmental impact of our event by increasing our understanding of it. To do this, we commit to measuring the impacts associated with our events supported by our partner, MIT's Environmental Solutions Initiative. Together, we will use the findings to help us reduce our overall impact.

You can join our mission to look after the environment by making one or more simple commitments of your own:

Protect the Ionian sea

Join a beach clean up at the Gjipe - if you're heading there to party be sure to help leave the area as pristine as you find it.

Return cups to any bar

Not only will you help keep the Explorations site looking beautiful, you'll also avoid needing to pay 3 EUR for your next drink.

Help us separate everything

Let's prove how much we want to see better recycling infrastructure in Albania by putting cans and water tetra packs, leftover food, and anything else into the correct bin.

Flick butts into bins

Because let's face it, cigarette butts are not a good look on the floor. As you're already helping us separate everything into the correct bins make sure butts go into general waste bins.

Thank you for committing to care for the environment in Albania!