Reflections The Yearbook 2023

Reflections The Yearbook 2023

By Various Artists

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To close out the year, Reflections presents The Yearbook 2023.

This mix cut album encapsulates the diverse soundscape of Reflections, blending elements of downtempo, ambient, neo-classical and electronic music.

‘The Yearbook 2023’ features some of the standout tracks and artists from the past year, including Cephas Azariah, Jessie Marcella, Matthias Vogt, Mark Barrott, and more.


1Blush (Mixed) - Jessie Marcella03:07
2Kyoto (京都) (Mixed) - Mark Barrott03:42
3Lowtus (Mixed) - Matthias Vogt & Hans Berg03:32
4Altitudes (Ambient Mix (Mixed)) - Ryan Davis03:39
5Kinky Animals (Mixed) - 3STRANGE & Reset Robot02:53
6Falls Of Avich (Mixed) - Turtle01:44
7Generative (Mixed) - Amparo & Lost In City02:15
8The Prettiest Pearl (Mixed) - Otto Taimela03:28
9Solace (Mixed) - Croquet Club02:50
10closer (Mixed) - Cephas Azariah & Elle Limebear05:57
11Avalon (Mixed) - Talee04:12
12Dancing Ego (Mixed) - Omfeel02:26
13Shizumu (Ambient Mix (Mixed)) - Lycoriscoris03:28
14Hallowed Ground (Mixed) - Northling03:38
15In The Wild (Dee Montero Revisit (Mixed)) - Dee Montero feat. Meliha04:16
16HER (Mixed) - Amy Root04:26
17Hold On To You (Ryan Davis Revisit (Mixed)) - Andrew Bayer feat. Ane Brun04:37
18Kamikakushi (神隠し) (Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith Remix (Mixed)) - Mark Barrott03:58
19To Where Dreams Are (Mixed) - Nourey03:37
20The Discovery (Mixed) - Hosini02:08
21Mr Man (Dusky Revisit (Mixed)) - Dusky05:11

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